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How to Reset Filter Light on a Samsung Refrigerator

Having the filter indicator light blinking on your Samsung refrigerator can be annoying. Replacing water filters on a schedule is important to keep water and ice clean, but sometimes the reminder comes on prematurely. Luckily, the process to reset a Samsung filter indicator light is quick and simple. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Reasons to Reset Filter Light

Before resetting, check that the filter truly doesn’t need replacing. But there are a couple reasons you may need to reset early:

  • Reminder turned on prematurely
  • Filter was replaced with non-Samsung brand

If it’s still too early based on actual water usage and flow, you can manually restart the filter timer.

Step-By-Step Method to Reset

Follow this straightforward series of steps to reset the filter status and turn off the replacement indicator light on your Samsung refrigerator:

1. Locate Button Panel

The first step is locating the filter status button panel just inside the refrigerator section door:

It is typically located at the top by the Samsung logo.

2. Press Filter Button

Press and hold the button labeled “Filter” or that shows a water icon, for 3 full seconds, then let go.

3. Verify Light Is Off

The filter status light should now be off on the internal control panel indicating successful reset.

In some models, you may need to press once more to verify. But in most Samsung fridges it takes just a single long 3 second button press to clear and reset monitoring.

4. Order New Filter

Even though the reminder has been reset, go ahead and make a note to order a new Samsung-branded filter in the next 3-6 months to replace when the new automatic reminder comes on.

Key Samsung Filter Replacement Notes

Keep these additional tips in mind regarding filter monitoring:

  • Use only official Samsung filters
  • Reset about every 6 months with average usage
  • Mark the install date physically on the filter
  • Timer resets automatically with Samsung filter replacement


Fixing a premature or inaccurate filter change indicator on a Samsung refrigerator is very simple. Just press and hold the filter reset button inside for 3 seconds. That resets the monitoring system and allows the filter can keep working. Make sure to replace with an official Samsung filter every 6-12 months.

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