Who has painted/resurfaced countertops?

DWQA QuestionsWho has painted/resurfaced countertops?
Heather Patterson asked 2 weeks ago

Who has painted/resurfaced countertops?

I have used a lot of painting and restoring products in our renovation, and it’s gone wonderfully. (Kitchen cupboards, wood trim, inside drawers and cabinets).

It just seems too good to be true that almost everything can be painted are restored with a simple paint brush.

Please share your experiences with counter restoration. I’d be especially intrested to know if it has lasted for years or wears quickly.

Thank you!

Here is a picture of our recent cupboard updates!

Who has painted/resurfaced countertops? 1

5 Answers
Frederick Bell answered 2 weeks ago

I painted our counteracts 4 years ago and it has held up very well

Noelle Bradley answered 2 weeks ago

Look up stone coat counter tops on you tube

Debbie Stanley answered 2 weeks ago

I used Daich spreadstone refinishing kit and love the results! Very durable and pretty!

Maurice Harrison answered 1 week ago

I have a painting biz but for counters you would need more like a pouring epoxy self leveling etc or a hvlp to get the right finish that will last

Clifton Robertson answered 1 week ago

My son used rustoleum counter top kit on the tops in the kitchen I have now. Lasted about 6 yrs before they started chipping then he replaced them.