To the Electrians in the group. My wife went

DWQA QuestionsTo the Electrians in the group. My wife went
Stella White asked 2 weeks ago

To the Electrians in the group. My wife went to turn on one of our plug-in lamps and the breaker tripped.

She said she thought she her a pop, when she turned the knob. Could have been the breaker, but I doubt it as it is in the basement and I didn’t hear it and I was 15 feet away.

I plugged the lamp into another outlet and it works.

When I tried resetting the breaker it kept tripping.

The breaker handles, several outlets in the family room, kitchen as well as the two kitchen lights and the outlet on our deck, which is a GFI (not tripped).

I pulled the outlet and removed one black and one white wire. Turned the breaker on and it stayed. Hooked a meter up to the two, removed wires, and it read 120.

We just had a new roof put on and speaking with a neighbor who does contracting work, he suggested that a wire somewhere may have been jarred loose and is causing a short. Possibility?

Thoughts, suggestions on finding a short if in fact this happened, without having to remove each outlet, light fixture?

Or could it be something else?

Note: House is 20 years old, we are original owners and other than taking off outlet covers to paint or replacing the ceiling light fixtures, nothing has been done.


To the Electrians in the group. My wife went 1

5 Answers
Daryl Bowman answered 2 weeks ago

The pop she heard was probably an electrical short

Ann Romero answered 2 weeks ago

Replace the outlet and if the breaker trips the is a shortage somewhere

Jennie Hill answered 2 weeks ago

Does the lamp work in other outlets? I had this happen once and it turned out the lamp itself had a short.

Evan Frazier answered 2 weeks ago

Well the outlet is bad by the sounds of it. If you replace the wires back on the outlet, does the breaker trip again? If so that is the cause. And how many outlets are on that 20 amp breaker???? 😬

Priscilla Franklin answered 2 weeks ago

If the breaker is tripping you have short to ground. Replace the outlet and make sure the ground isn’t touching your black wires.