Thought I’d take a few mins to write a 2-part review, in

DWQA QuestionsThought I’d take a few mins to write a 2-part review, in
Kenzi Rogers asked 1 week ago

Thought I’d take a few mins to write a 2-part review, in case it helps others on here. We bought a near top-of-the-line LG fridge about 4 years ago from Home Depot. We got the extended warranty from HD when we bought it, so I’ll be talking about the fridge, and the HD warranty service.

Ice maker on it has been the fritz a little while now. Still cold, still feeds water into the tray…the tray just doesn’t empty. Seemed to do okay for a while after mashing the reset button, but would eventually stop dumping the ice again. Inconvenient, but not so much that we called in the warranty service.

Well, a few weeks ago the fridge stopped cooling, followed not long after by the freezer. Called cooling / ice machine into HD Warranty service. They essentially log your claim and then refer you to a repair company that services your area. So great they referred us, no issue. Come to find out, it’s gonna be 13 days before they can come out. THIRTEEN DAYS!! 🙄

So, we wait. Off-handedly, we mentioned this on FB, and a close friend suggested we read our warranty in full, because he had a similar experience and it turned out he had a “lost food” clause in his. Sure enough, we did too. $300, but you had to have documentation that the fridge was actually broken, so we had to wait till the first service call (the one 13 days away).

13 days go by, repair guy shows up first thing in the morning. Walks in, sees it’s a LG, and just sighs. Diagnoses the problem. Compressor bad, leaking Freon. He orders three parts, and says he’ll be back in a week to install them. We also immediately file for the lost food. $300 check showed up around a week later.

(13 +) 7 days later, the parts have been coming into our mail (shipped them to our house). New guy shows up with a partner (in training, we think). Replaces parts that came in, but says we’re missing one. Luckily they have an extra on the truck, so supposedly they replaced 3 parts in total. Guy says “all the big parts are now basically brand new. Should be fine for a bit, but also echoes the first guy’s comments about LG (they do not last). Last thing he tells us, “it’ll take 24 hours to get fully cold, freezer first, and then the fridge will cool down.” Seems odd (since all the big parts are basically brand new), but okay. Freezer starts freezing, but when we go to bed, fridge doesn’t feel like it’s cooling at all. Get up in the morning, no change. Freezer is frozen, fridge is warm. We both have to head to work and agree if it’s still warm when we get home, we’ll call the company and tell them it’s still broken. Get home, still nothing. It’s late Friday afternoon, no one at the repair company is answering.

Wife calls today, gets told the old job is closed out, that she needs to call HD to get a new referral. 45 mins later, after getting the run-around she’s got another referral. Calls the company back, soonest they can come out is the 18th.


This is now 13 + 7 + 4 days with no fridge, and the soonest they can get to us is another 19 days away. Sigh…

So wife takes appt, but looks on their service website after she gets off the phone with them. Website is showing they have an appointment TODAY. She schedules it, and crosses her fingers. Luck is on our side, guy #3 calls shortly there after and will be at the house soon.

Guy #3 walks in and sees it’s an LG and sighs. 😂 can’t do anything but laugh at this point. Guy #3 diagnoses and says guy #2 should have replaced circuit board first, then the compressor. He never did the circuit board, so it now fried the new compressor. Orders new parts, can’t get back out to install them until the 22nd. Ugh… so we’re back to waiting again, but at least we’re not waiting that long just for the diagnoses.

Key take-always:
– LG not made to last. All three guys said Whirlpool or GE, and heavily recommended GE.
– Extended Warranty almost paid for itself in the form of the lost food clause. Know your warranty!

Thought I’d take a few mins to write a 2-part review, in 1 Thought I’d take a few mins to write a 2-part review, in 2

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Alexis Gibson answered 1 week ago

This is really helpful info! So are you guys living out of camping coolers or pizza delivery or what? What a headache.

Perry Hudson answered 1 week ago

FWIW, I really love our fridge….when it’s working. 😔

Mathew Gomez answered 1 week ago

I had a Samsung with issues with the ice maker over 3 times. They ended up sending me a check for the entire purchase. Went out and bought a whole kitchen Of new appliances for what I paid for it. It was trash.

Herbert Holt answered 1 week ago

Bought Whirlpool appliances last year from Menards, extremely happy with them! Sorry to hear of all your run around.

Brooklyn Nelson answered 1 week ago

I had a bad LG cellphone, bad LG fridge, and bad LG clothes washer. LG is banned at my house.

Corey Roberts answered 1 week ago

My LG compressor went out it was covered under the manufactures warranty and they replaced it for free They were out within two days to replace it

Luke Murray answered 1 week ago

Well I have an LG French door bottom freezer with ice and water in the door 10+ years no issues. A Samsung 4 door for 3 years with no issues. I must live a charmed life.

Heidi Collins answered 1 week ago

This literally happened to us over the last two months. Ice maker went out end of June. After coming out 7 TIMES, with a week in between each visit, it’s finally deemed unfixable.. with several hours of me insisting they aren’t coming back to replace the same damn piece for the 3 & 4 time… Home Depot warranty refunds us for fridge this past week. But here’s the kicker – they refund w a Home Depot GIFT CARD 🙄.. 5 years ago, our counter depth fridge cost $1200, but today’s covid inflation cost is $1800 and on back order for 2 months at Home Depot. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Constance Long answered 1 week ago

I don’t buy warranty for anything 🤷‍♀️

Marsha Bishop answered 1 week ago

Got rid of my LG washer with many computer problems starting in the first three months of ownership. It was not well made and they do not stand behind it. I was told all the new appliances only are designed to last about 7 years maximum. Planned obsolescence! You will want a new style then anyway. Nope! I just want one that works!

Ruben Sims answered 1 week ago

Join the Samsuck Refrig FB page…samsung and LG are all bad appliances, from refrig to washer/dryer….I do not buy store warranty either, however, I have a capital one charge that what I put on it doubles the manufacturer warranty free 🙂

Ricardo Cooper answered 1 week ago

🤣😂🤣 that’s been us with our Samsung! And worse warranty ran out in the middle of all the mess. I found a private inexpensive guy on fb to come out and fix the circuit board. We still have issues with the ice maker. Done with Samsung next buying whirlpool.

Tyrone Jimenez answered 1 week ago

I will never again buy an LG appliance after the fridge light stayed on and heated so hot trying to fight the motor cooling and then motor failed from the continuous running, all this happening overnight and so the light started melting itself and would’ve caused a fire had we not gotten up early that morning. Googled and found out LG has been aware of this problem for some time and refuses to do anything about it. I am not these big companies guinea pig! If they can’t test their products appropriately and absolutely ensure their safety, they will never have my business EVER. They didn’t even issue a recall.

Carla Frazier answered 1 week ago

We couldn’t even find anyone that would work on our LG washing machine! I’ll never buy LG again!!