I’ve had my kitchen cabinets in for 7 years now

DWQA QuestionsI’ve had my kitchen cabinets in for 7 years now

I’ve had my kitchen cabinets in for 7 years now and still need to install the toe kicks. I actually finally got the flooring done so that is why the delay; first two floors didn’t work so we just tried the costco golden arowana vinyl which was about $700 and easily installed myself)

I have a two color kitchen as you can see, which I came up with after looking at pictures on Houzz.

Anyway … I think there are two options:

(Option 1) I can buy matching 1/4” thick (4.5’x8’ toe kicks from the manufacturer; but then I will have to get quarter round from the floor manufacturer to interface with the floor; the gap from floor end to cabinet is larger than 1/4” in some spots so thus the quarter round.

(Option 2) I have wood stain available that matches my cabinets (because I stained all the cabinet moulding plus a wood window frame to match). So I could purchase 1/2” or 3/4” plywood or solid wood for toe kicks and then stain them myself. That way I won’t need to use quarter round

On the side cabinet in the 4th picture (and around the dog door area), I’m going to use baseboard stained to match my cabinets. then I will use the same style baseboard in the rest of the room (6th picture) but painted to match the wall colors.

The toe kick area is warped in the front of one cabinet (picture 5) so perhaps the thicker board might be easier?

Any thoughts on pros and cons of either option 1 and 2?

I’ve had my kitchen cabinets in for 7 years now 1 I’ve had my kitchen cabinets in for 7 years now 2 I’ve had my kitchen cabinets in for 7 years now 3 I’ve had my kitchen cabinets in for 7 years now 4 I’ve had my kitchen cabinets in for 7 years now 5

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answered 1 month ago

Always but the things that touch the factory finished cabinets, from the same factory that finished them. Thick toekick is actually a bigger PIA than thin. Or, order a 4×8 skin and cut it to size with your table saw, if you have out of levels that had to be shimmed. Shoe molding, not 1/4 round, should match the cabinets, not the floor. All shoe mold should always match the vertical element, not the horizontal one. Despite flooring manufacturers trying to convince you otherwise. Shoe mold matches the baseboard or toekick.

answered 2 months ago

You don’t want to draw your eye to them so basic black is the way to go.

answered 2 months ago

It can be hot pink, who cares this kitchen is absoluty beautiful.

But yes go with black.

answered 1 month ago

Don’t need opinion on color. It will definitely match the cabinets. The question is about what thickness of toe kick to use. Pros and cons

answered 1 month ago

I’d do my own if it eliminated quarter round. That said if you go with thicker boards, it will need stained on ends and ends will be darker as they absorb more stain.

answered 1 month ago

Appears no one reads the entire posts and answers the question that was asked or they suggest things or ask questions about things already answered in the original post. Cant anyone comprehend what is written anymore? It’s not just this post, I see it often. Heck I posted yesterday and all anyone did was exactly these things without offering a solution to what I asked.

answered 1 month ago

Option 2.

No quarter round, beautiful two color mix, BTW.

But no kitchnen island? Nice space for one!

answered 1 month ago

Maybe use the toe kick from the cabinet company and let it go all the way to the floor, then fill in the gap that will leave at the top with scribe. The cabinet company should have it to match.

answered 1 month ago

I think a 1×4 would look fine.

answered 1 month ago

I would go for the thinner wood and the darker color. It is only 3 or so inches deep and you don’t want someone with big feet kicking them..

answered 1 month ago

Avoid using quarter round if you can. It’s outdated and looks cheap.