I hear a lot of negative feedback on open

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Eddie Fuller asked 2 weeks ago

I hear a lot of negative feedback on open shelves in the kitchen. I’m on the fence with selling or renting. (leaning more towards rent) Has anyone done a mix of both uppers one side and open on another? I definitely want some open, and honestly I’d go all the way open seeings how my kitchen is on the smaller side. Pros\cons? NMP but Pinterest sure is full of beautiful layouts for it to be such a bad idea. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ll have about 13~15 lower drawers/cabinets.

I hear a lot of negative feedback on open 1

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Dolores Sanders answered 2 weeks ago

I can’t stand upper cabinets. 🤣

My remodel design is a galley kitchen w zero upper cabinets. I want 3 windows on the sink side side and the other side is a fridge w wrap around pantry and stove w decorative hood vent….may do some shelves there or just leave it open w out any shelves. If I can do a coffee bar area then I’ll do something w open shelves. 🤗

A few glass cabinets are nice here n there but I am a “bee/cricket” (for anyone who follows the “clutterbug” organising style lady/group/tv show) so I like some thing visible and something tucked away….but everything as micro-organised as possible. And I hate “wasted” spaces….which impo upper cabinets create a lot of wasted counter space.
(photo is design inspiration)

Benjamin Wade answered 2 weeks ago

Not for me. I want shelves with doors on them.

Alma Obrien answered 2 weeks ago

Depends how much you like to dust

Eva James answered 2 weeks ago

well i’m doing open because of how small my kitchen is. i can’t really fit more than a few cabinets. i can space the shelves so i can fit the tall items i have on them

Marian Chavez answered 2 weeks ago

It makes the room look bigger. I love it

Scott Watts answered 2 weeks ago

I’m on the fence about open shelving too. When I have a lot of the cabinets, I tend to stuff them full of unnecessary things

Peyton Lawson answered 2 weeks ago

Open shelves are much better looks fresh and less heavy than high cabinet doors.

Bertha Olson answered 2 weeks ago

If you are going to rent do actual cupboards.

Celina Dixon answered 2 weeks ago

I’m messy, dont want to be butI havent fixed that yet. Closed is a must for me.

Julie Graves answered 2 weeks ago

Looove our open shelving. Literally zero complaints.

Bessie Wright answered 2 weeks ago

When you have animals that shed a lot, fur is always randomly in the air, and lands on plates, inside cups..etc. So open concept wouldn’t be too sanitary for my taste. I have furry fur babies, so personally I wouldn’t.

Peyton Lawson answered 2 weeks ago

My neighbor just completed her new build. She did open shelving on either side of her stove and hood and the entire wall is tiled. It’s stunning.

My advice- open shelves definitely create a more spacious looking kitchen and great way to show off wall design ( wall paper, tile, wood planks, paint stenciling, etc) behind them. But, Everything about them needs to be stylized and coordinated, just like Pinterest and Houzz pictures. Be prepared to clean items and shelving often, but this is based on a lot of factors.

As far as a lasting trend- with social media, looks are changing constantly. Do what you like and what works for your lifestyle.

Noelle Clark answered 2 weeks ago

This open concept is preferred by interior decorators. BUT they are dust collectors. I installed a large pantry cabinet. The kitchen walls remain vacant, waiting for the next new trend.

Ivan Ruiz answered 2 weeks ago

As long as you’re neat and don’t mind cleaning often. I have some but wasn’t necessarily what I wanted to do. They’re not my favorite but I manage; I would prefer closed

Claire Hoffman answered 2 weeks ago

I like the open shelves as long as there is ample storage for everything else

Benjamin Dunn answered 2 weeks ago

Near a stove and grease will be a problem. If your cabinet doors are greasy then you’ll end up with grease on the shelves too

Nevaeh Carr answered 2 weeks ago

Lots of great photos in here from people with open shelves in their kitchens. Our kitchen needs a total remodel, and we’re considering some open shelving to display our nice glassware and more decorative items.

Brandon Holland answered 2 weeks ago

I totally would hate shelving… it’s beautiful until everyone can see all your crap all the time

Alexa Lee answered 2 weeks ago

This does look like a gorgeous example.

Rose White answered 2 weeks ago

I love open shelving. Just don’t overdo it, and in a small kitchen in particular make sure there is sufficient closed storage.

Emily Frazier answered 2 weeks ago

For me the issue is the combination of dust and oil. Closed cabinets keep the contents clean. On the other hand, if you have nice looking canisters and the like, it’s nice to have them displayed.

Jorge Morgan answered 2 weeks ago

I like the look, as long as there are pretty things placed strategically on shelves and you have enough storage elsewhere

Debra Hart answered 2 weeks ago

I LOVE mine. No more fights with my spouse about leaving the cabinet door open

Gail Gordon answered 2 weeks ago

I love my open shelves! I built them in my old house & in my new house. Do you have a window over your sink?

Justin Hill answered 2 weeks ago

I don’t see this going well unless you have a large pantry. I store all my cereal, rice, dry goods in the cabinets which I would hate to see in a open layout. Nobody needs to see my generic ingredients and Fruit loops 😂

Eva Campbell answered 2 weeks ago

No. People need storage space and able to hide their things. It’s super cute if you don’t have many dishes or don’t cook too much. Add a child in the mix and it’s already over. I personally wouldn’t even rent a place with open shelves in the kitchen because it look to me as the owner wanted to avoid costs by buying upper cabinets. I know that’s not at all your intention but just trying to be honest.

Kelly Carr answered 2 weeks ago

My kitchen is 10 x 13 and I absolutely love the open shelves that are to the left and right of my stove. My everyday dishes are at my right and easy access when needed. To the left, I have my everyday ingredients. The main con would be the dust that will accumulate if you don’t use your shelves as everyday shelves. Since my items are all used daily, I’m always wiping down before I replace my clean dishes, and I do the same with the shelves on the left that hold different flours, etc. I don’t consider it any more work than cleaning the backsplash, countertops, and cabinets which people should do on a regular basis. We cook a lot so it is ideal for us. However, more than that I would not recommend because it would probably get dusty if not used regularly and if you don’t organize it can look ugly.

Christy Duncan answered 2 weeks ago

After reading all the comments both positive and negative, I think it depends on how you live, clean, cook, decorate, etc. Each family is different with different needs. My kitchen is 3 years old and we live in it🤣 I have 4 cats but flying cat hairs is not a problem, but they are not allowed on counters either. In fact, I love the white as it shows anything that spills or flies and super easy when cleaning because we are consistent. I hated my old dark cabinets that were closed. When we tore them down they were horrendous!

Fred Ortiz answered 2 weeks ago

I have 3 open shelves above my kitchen, I love getting to display my stuff that I use everyday like plates, canisters, etc. They definitely collect dust and making cleaning a bigger chore, so I don’t know if I would go with a whole layout. I am also not organized enough for much more than that😅

Janet Shaw answered 2 weeks ago

Its nice for small spaces and it lets in more natural light. 🤗