I have phone jacks along the baseboards of my

DWQA QuestionsI have phone jacks along the baseboards of my
Ramona Cook asked 1 week ago

I have phone jacks along the baseboards of my 1980s home (bedrooms and dining room) and one on the wall in the kitchen. Can or should I remove them? Why or why not? They’re super ugly. The three upstairs bedroom ones are worse than this…the wire comes out of the wall between the baseboard and the carpet.

I have phone jacks along the baseboards of my 1

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Norma West answered 1 week ago

Following. I have one in my kitchen that I’d like to cover up or get rid of as well.

Ashley Roberts answered 1 week ago

If you sont ever plan on having landlines, then you can remove. Just remeber, there are wires that connect to that ugly box. You’ll have to slice and remove box. Push wires back into wall, and cover small hole, repaint.

Wilma Ruiz answered 1 week ago

Yes remove them….not many use these days

Levi Davis answered 1 week ago

I got rid of mine
Because now you get digital phone lines with internet if you want
Cut patch and cover

Monica Simpson answered 1 week ago

If this is not your forever home maybe leave the ones you mentioned alone. Just replace the covers to update them.

You never know. We recently have used ours for a landline because we saved so much more money on TV.

Tom Hunt answered 1 week ago

These are LOW VOLTAGE wires for telephone land lines. If you are not using a land line (non cellular) follow them to a point where they come into the house and snip them. You aren’t harming anything and you wont get a shock. Push the wires back into the wall and patch the hole.

Bella Porter answered 1 week ago

Personally I would keep them and get new boxes. You never know

Julie Graves answered 1 week ago

I’m a 27 y/o home owner. I’ve never had a landline and don’t ever plan to. As far as I’m concerned, that technology went the way of the VHS. There simply are better ways to transfer data now (sound is data) and I can’t imagine them ever having widespread use again. So, imo, remove them.

Amelia Webb answered 1 week ago

I pushed mine in without cutting any wires but put electrical tape on ends and covered with a single place with no holes.👏

Irma Russell answered 1 week ago

Take them off and shove wires into wall and seal.

Nevaeh Carr answered 1 week ago

Remove them. Make sure you disconnect the wires that come into the house outside. They might still be live and carry DC power. Don’t worry it’s low voltage.

Catherine Bradley answered 1 week ago

No leave them. Many still use landlines and if you ever sell you want them. Plus with all that is going on people are actually wanting them again.

Michelle Martin answered 1 week ago

Take them off. Leave only one. Choose wisely

Franklin Bradley answered 1 week ago

Leave the main one but cover the wires with a plate. If you sell someone else might want it. If you plan on staying forever and only use cell phones take them out.