I have an electrical question. I have a

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I have an electrical question. I have a small studio with older wiring. My tenant was running a microwave and a fridge on the same outlet along with the fan. The outlet farther down the line burnt out on the hot side you can see the burn marks on the wire and the outlet. The outlet is probably only about two years old.. He claims he didn’t have anything plugged into the outlet that fried out. I have no reason to doubt him, but it’s just odd that the outlet that burnt out had nothing plugged into it. I have on the place for about 15 years and I’ve never had an issue with these outlets

I have an electrical question. I have a 1

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answered 1 month ago

Just a loose wire. Replace and make sure the wires are wrapped around the screws, not pushed into the quick connects.

answered 1 month ago

Things happen. I’ve had same deal. It wouldn’t have been his fault anyway if he did have something plugged in. The breaker would have to fail to burn it. Ck breaker size and braker if the breaker is to big it could happen also. Micro frig and fan are going to pull as much as 20 amp. Kitchen appliances pull heavy loads.

answered 1 month ago

I had an extension cord do that. Nothing plugged in, and suddenly these flames start shooting out of it. Freaked me out.