Granite is installed, yay! Time to pick a backsplash.

DWQA QuestionsGranite is installed, yay! Time to pick a backsplash.
Elaine Fletcher asked 2 weeks ago

Granite is installed, yay! Time to pick a backsplash. We are leaning towards one particular one, but definitely are not good at the making things pretty, so help from you guys would be great! We did try to put it up against the wall, but that wasn’t working out so well (double sided tape failed). The goal is 2 rows of white with a stripe and topped with 2 rows of white. Cabinet color will be a shade of white. Picture of my kitchen and then the choices. Thanks!

Granite is installed, yay! Time to pick a backsplash. 1 Granite is installed, yay! Time to pick a backsplash. 2

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Brandon Holland answered 2 weeks ago

Ok. Here’s the thing.
I have now changed my kitchen’s accent colors 3 maybe 4 times in the 9 years we’ve lived here. I made sure that the walls, cabinets, countertops, and flooring were all a neutral, so that I could go any color I wanted.
If I had your #1 selection, it would not have complemented the blue in an always positive manner. My last accent color was red. That combination would have read “4th of July” all day, every day for me.
If I had to choose between your two choices, I would choose the brown, even though I feel it’s too dark. See if all voters in the household can find a stripe a bit lighter. Remember, this is going to be under your cabinets, so unless you install lights underneath the uppers, it’s already going to be dark under there.
Just something to mull over.

Willie Hale answered 2 weeks ago

You should wait until the cabinets are painted and the under cabinet lighting is in. All of that will really change how things look.

But Neither option. Neither colorway goes with the stone. A plain cream/gray in an interesting shape. Lantern, rhomboid, lozenge. The racing stripe is a big no.

Peter Harvey answered 2 weeks ago

I would stay neutral. You’d be introducing a whole new color to your already neutral palette. Unless I’m not seeing the color do the island too. Does it have any blue or green in it?

Maxine Mendoza answered 2 weeks ago

A it will make room brighter as your floor color is dark

Emily Frazier answered 2 weeks ago

A. But I may be partial since I have used a very similar accent tile. Here is, “objectively” what I think.
Choice “A” would give a lighter “airy” feel, possibly more transitional or modern and introduce an accent color (and remember your grout choice will affect the appearance).
Choice “B” would seem to feel more “grounded” with a nod to classic design. It would also be more of a tie in to the hardware on the island and veins in the countertop. This choice keeps the palette more minimalist as it does not introduce another accent color.
I think if you stand back and visualize with the cabinets painted like the island (I know, some people honestly cannot) you would get a sense of “feel.” The first one when i visualize it in the space with all cabinets a white color, I get a fresh bright, “good morning” feel. The second choice I get a feeling of warmth, enveloping (in a good way, like a hug, not like hole in the ground), and “permanence.”
Neither of those “feelings” seem bad to me.

Ruby Parker answered 2 weeks ago

I like B, it’ll bring out the dark spots In The granite

Margie Sanders answered 2 weeks ago

Between the two I like B better. But honestly I think it should be one solid color that matches the countertop.

Leah Rose answered 2 weeks ago

Thank you, thank you everyone for your thoughts and ideas! I officially feel like an askhole because now I want to scrap everything, lol! We liked the green mosaic, but this morning I officially hated the dark grey color in that one. I even tore up that tile taking out the dark grey pieces and putting back with the other colors. It was still ehhhh. The purple tile was an original choice, but I just don’t know if I can do purple in the kitchen. Also, tucked under the cabinet it might not even look purple. All white subway tiles seem so sterile to me since we will have white cabinets. This was supposed to be an easy decision🤦‍♀️😬 Thanks again everyone! I will definitely update with what we do.

Sherry Terry answered 2 weeks ago

Neutral color. The others are too much. Wait till your cabinets are painted. Pick a tile with shape instead.

Jar Miles answered 2 weeks ago

I think this would look better instead.

Caleb Hamilton answered 2 weeks ago

Dark will show all kinds of spots and splashes.
I recommend that you skim coat the backsplash area with adhesive so you have an all white background before you put up the tile. This helps with translucent or transparent glass tile.

Jamie Black answered 2 weeks ago

Neither. Translucent tiles would look much better with the color marble you are showing. Purchase a strip of the tiles (if possible), and put them up against the marble to see the effect.

Carl Douglas answered 2 weeks ago

if you plan on keeping the cabinets dark

Theresa Turner answered 2 weeks ago

Can you find non-glass tile that will pick up a main color from the counter material/design? Add in colored grout for the tile or white for all of it.