Good morning! Help!!! I want to move

DWQA QuestionsGood morning! Help!!! I want to move

Good morning!
Help!!! I want to move my standard 32” refrigerator where the hutch is & put a cabinet around it with a thin end cap for spices. This fridge is not even 3 yrs old & I don’t want to replace it. Counter depth fridges are 24”. Surely that 8” isn’t going to be that big of a deal??? I can’t recess it into the wall, it’s an exterior wall. I was gonna go all the way to the ceiling with the upper cabinet but now I’m concerned about venting…. I can make the top built in but well vented. See pic #4. I certainly don’t want to damage my fridge due to circulation issues.

So, what are y’all thoughts. Has anyone done this & how’d it go?

One last thing, we are painting the cabinets & adding chunky crown molding so matching existing isn’t that big of a deal.

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answered 2 months ago

Thank you! Whew, I was really worried about circulation. I agree, It’s not bad placement where it’s currently located but I’m wanting to open up the entryway from mudroom. It feels a bit like a tunnel & is blocking a ton of natural light coming into kitchen. I’m planning to add lower cabinets & upper FH shelving in that space. Just thought I’d share another pic in reply to your suggestion. Thanks!

answered 2 months ago

The fridge is currently in the better spot as far as cooking/work triangle. Most folks have fridges that aren’t counter depth so I wouldn’t be too concerned about that. As long as fridge has a few inches around sides and top it will be fine. I’ve not had issues when mine sat back in cabinetry like that. Good luck with your paint job!

answered 2 months ago

Agree with first comment. Keep in mind how your mudroom usually looks. Mines always a mess so I like it tucked away!

answered 2 months ago

Building your own cabinet for it is always an option. I moved my fridge like you plan on doing, and I built the cabinet for less than $100. Theres enough clearance for air circulation, and I can still easily move the fridge in or out.

answered 2 months ago

Make sure you have enough space around the fridge for good ventilation as recommended by the maker.