Floating floor question. I had this flooring installed

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Floating floor question.

I had this flooring installed in March and it began lifting – we believe it is from the new island legs being directly placed on the vinyl planks. (Floating floor)

We’re laying it down again and cutting space around the legs.

Question, what about the weight of fridge or oven? It’s ok to have that directly on the floor?!

Floating floor question. I had this flooring installed 1

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answered 5 days ago

Yes and it should be ok for the island to sit on it as well , it should have plenty of room to move still, I think maybe there’s a problem somewhere else ya shouldn’t have to cut around the island legs

answered 5 days ago

And if ya do think they’re a problem then sit them on some felt pass so it can move under them.

answered 4 days ago

My oven and fridge sits directly on top of my floating floor. Never had a problem. I don’t have an island but I know someone who has a massive island that sits on a floating floor also and hasn’t had a problem. Not saying that it wouldn’t be your problem but could be a number of things.. expansion gap size, underlayment size or issues, quality of the flooring..

answered 4 days ago

You did leave a space around the edges of the floor? If you didn’t you now know where your problem lays. Everything breathes except your floor can’t. That’s why its buckling.3/8 around the edges then a shoes molding.

answered 4 days ago

Its not from the island legs. I have a 300 pound dining room table on my floating floor with no issues. The main reason a floating floor lift is because its too tight somewhere around the perimeter. Theres not enough of an expansion gap somewhere.