Edit: I never blamed the installer. I understand it is

DWQA QuestionsEdit: I never blamed the installer. I understand it is
Alexis Barnett asked 2 weeks ago

Edit: I never blamed the installer. I understand it is the walls. There are multiple spots with gaps. The gaps look terrible, so I am just looking for input on what to do now so my kitchen will look good. Thank you.

We had counters installed today while I was at work. My husband was home for the install. I am pretty upset to see the certain things I was not expecting. There are multiple gaps between the wall and the backsplash.

Any ideas on how to make this look normal?

We know we need to touch up paint our cabinets.

Edit: I never blamed the installer. I understand it is 1 Edit: I never blamed the installer. I understand it is 2

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Norman Mills answered 2 weeks ago

Well, I was assuming your tile was starting at the top of the blacksplash that’s there now. I was just thinking it would be hard to take that off but I don’t know anything about granite. Hopefully they can get it off without messing up your counter top and it might work to put tile all the way up. The problem is the wall is not straight, I don’t see much way to fix that unless you take some sheetrock down and shim it out to meet the cabinet. Even if you tile the wall, looks like you are going to have a bow in your wall. Hope you can get it figured out.

Kyle Foster answered 2 weeks ago

You know what they say, caulk and paint will make it what it ain’t.

Scott Watts answered 2 weeks ago

That’s not the installers fault. Throw caulk on it.Though they should of applied clear silicone caulk to tge bottom of base cabinets b4 installing counter

Courtney Wallace answered 2 weeks ago

Your wall is the issue not the counter top, just caulk the gaps

Serenity Rose answered 2 weeks ago

I am aware that it is the wall that is the issue. I just don’t know what to do to make it look normal. If any of you have run into this, I would love to see what you did to fix it.

Joyce Wilson answered 2 weeks ago

I have encountered this, fixed by cutting out the bowed section of drywall and setting the back splash into it. BUT the spacing along the top of the back splash will be uneven. Pick your poison as they say, the counter top installers are not responsible for this.

Lillie Hall answered 2 weeks ago

Use paintable caulking. Caulk it. Let dry then paint same color as wall. It will blend to the eye.

Rick Hill answered 2 weeks ago

I recently had this done, and you’re right, the walls are always crooked. My installer just followed up with a couple of tubes of painter’s caulk, and it made a huge difference.

Nicholas Stewart answered 2 weeks ago

Have him come and finish applying caulking….

Eva Medina answered 2 weeks ago

I think you should consider a small scale tile backsplash which can be manipulated during install. You’ll be happier with it. Promise. 😊

Sonia Obrien answered 2 weeks ago

I own a remodeling business and the correct way to make this work is to correct the wall, if you try to shave the lip you will notice the difference.

Heidi Collins answered 2 weeks ago

Get white wood filler (Elmers) and fill the opening. Put blue tape on the wall first and on the top of the marble splash. Use a plastic scraper to level it off. Paint to match the wall.

Brooklyn Bishop answered 2 weeks ago

Had the same issue. My installer added extra caulk, and adhesive then applied weight on the backsplash until it dried. I removed the weight against it 24 hours later and since have not had an issue with it coming off. My walls were super warped! 6 months and no issues with my backsplash

Kylie Gardner answered 2 weeks ago

Caulk? A good installer would score the drywall out to lay the back splash in and eliminate the gap.

Aiden Olson answered 2 weeks ago

Is it not the within the responsibility of the contractor to say “Hey, I see now your walls are bunged up. If I put this in, it’s gonna look wonky. I can do x instead. How would you like to proceed?”

Delores Rhodes answered 2 weeks ago

It is installers fault because when they did site visit they should have assessed the straightness of the wall. Good fabricators use lasers and can cut the counter stone to exact shape of wall. They should have said we do t recommend 4” backsplash. Some of them will cut into the drywall but. In this case, caulk.i never put 4” backsplash as stone. Tile instead.

Carl Nichols answered 2 weeks ago

If you already paid in full chances are that the installers won’t come back to finish the job. They were supposed to fill the gaps with either epoxy or paintable caulking.

Luis Wells answered 2 weeks ago

Just fill the gaps yourselves with caulking it will look much better

Dean Simmons answered 2 weeks ago

Caulking. This is an entirely normal situation

Landon Weaver answered 2 weeks ago

What’s to the right ( angle you took the picture from) maybe take a picture of that and more ideas can be found

Carrie Lawrence answered 2 weeks ago

If you’re going to caulk that, you’d better put some backer rod in there. The gap is way too wide to caulk. May not look too bad if you’re looking at it from the front of the cabinet but if you look at it from the end like your pic shows, it’s gonna look like Sh#% and everybody is going to notice it.

Willie Alexander answered 2 weeks ago

Just you expanding foam or Caulking and fill in the gaps that’s all you can do unless you plan to replace the whole wall

Monica Simpson answered 2 weeks ago

I can understand how you’d be disappointed with them and hubby. Take some deep breaths and know it’s just going to take a little longer to get to the mental image you had. Oh, and tell hubs he is fired from supervising jobs (joking to cheer you).

Eileen Palmer answered 2 weeks ago

Shouldn’t they have cut into the wall to make it flat against it?

Kaylee Dixon answered 1 week ago

No the installer should know how to do that. Its caulking thats needed. And if your walls are that messed up then maybe replace some sheetrock. Doesnt cost alot and is pretty easy to do