Calling on creative people. See that tv at

DWQA QuestionsCalling on creative people. See that tv at

Calling on creative people. See that tv at the end of the bed? That’s a smaller TV (I think 20 some inches) but there is usually a 32.”

I want to build something to swivel it to see from the kitchen side. The full length is about 52″ in front of the bed and only 9″ deep. Campers pretty much have no studs so a wall mount is out of the question.

What would you do?

Calling on creative people. See that tv at 1

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answered 7 days ago

The easiest way would be to mount a single small piece of plywood at a 45° angle to cabinet above. Two screws should suffice. Then draw a Vesa mount pattern with an online template. Drill it carefully.

Then it can be viewed in both locations without even swiveling.

If you want the same plywood mount to swivel, try using only one screw in the middle, but get a screw that doesn’t have threads in the top half inch.

If you have an old iPad, you can mount those to a cheap tablet mounting arm clamp from Dollarama. It was $3 and the thing works like a charm. That’s what I use in my rig. It may sound cheap, but it is perfectly fine for my needs and can be positioned any way.

answered 1 week ago

Can it be bolted down? Because without anchoring it somewhere it’s just going to tip

answered 1 week ago

Its possible to wall mount a TV, im in a few camper groups and seeen it a lot. Id suggest if not already part of one to join one.

answered 1 week ago

Have you tried some of the RV/TT/Camper sites? There are quite a few on FB, with people knowledgeable about the differences in home vs camper improvements.

answered 7 days ago

Get an overhead swiveling mount and bolt it to the underside of the cabinet above. Something like this.

answered 7 days ago

Can you locate what studs you do have a screw a board to them then mount the tv mount to said board? Or build a mount from the floor up? I’m a member of a few pop up camper sites and they come up with some crafty solutions. Have you tried asking in camper groups?

answered 7 days ago

The Dollarama one won’t look as “pro” but it’s easy to remove and can be used elsewhere. And it’s super cheap

answered 7 days ago

Can you attach a board from one stud to the other, then mount a tv on that board?

answered 6 days ago

I do a fully articulating arm dropped down from the cabinet above AND I’d reinforce the mount from within the cabinet.