How To Defrost My Freezer

If your freezer looks anything like an iceberg, then it’s time to defrost. All this ice buildup is caused by condensation in the air from your kitchen. As you open and close your freezer door, all the moisture is drawn in and it turns to the expenses that always make you work harder. So, time to get the frosting. But how to defrost my freezer fast? The hardest thing here is to force yourself to do this. But it’s got to be done, so let’s just do it.

How To Defrost My Freezer?

How To Defrost Your Freezer

1. Safety first. Always make sure your freezer is turned off at the mains before you start the frosting. Now, don’t be tempted to hack away the ice with anything sharp, your risk damaging your freezer and worst of all, yourself.

How To Defrost Your Freezer

2. Let’s start by removing all the food and the drawers. We can speed up the defrosting process by placing a bowl of hot water in the bottom of the freezer. And then leaving it to do its thing.

How To Defrost Your Freezer

3. Check to see if your freezer has a hose plug in the bottom. This you can hook up to a hose and run the hose in the bucket or through an open window in the house or in the garage. So we’ll just wipe out the water, no big deal.

How To Defrost Your Freezer

4. To hurry up the process, use this plastic spatula and cookie tray to scoop out the leftover ice. The plastic spatula will keep you from damaging the coils in the freezer.

How To Defrost Your Freezer

5. When all the ice is melted you can clean things up with a sponge, and a cloth. To get a clean and deodorized freezer, use 1 tablespoon (18 g) of baking soda to 4 cups (0.95 L) of water solution.

How To Defrost Your Freezer

So now your freezer is clean and defrosted, and it runs more efficiently and it will save you money on your electrical bill. Defrost your freezer on a regular basis also to keep your food fresh!

Tips & Tricks

Now a few tips on how you can keep your freezer frost-free for a long time.

1. Try to keep your freezer door open for as little time as possible. The longer you stand there with the door open, the more frost you’re going to get.
2. The second thing you could do is make sure that your door seal is in good condition, any gaps around it will just cause your freezer to frost up even quicker. Just try “the banknote test” – take a nice crisp banknote, place it between the door and the seal. And if it grips, all the way around your seals in good condition. If there are any gaps and it pulls away, you’ll need to replace your door seal.
3. One more thing, always make sure that your drawers are pushed back a jaw sticking out slightly can stop the door closing properly, which can cause that ice buildup.
4. Lastly, you could just invest in a frost-free freezer and save yourself an afternoon as the frosting.

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